A female statue has been discovered; protection of the system of pans

At some time in the final stage of the archaeological campaign at the location Tumba Madzari, a female statue has been discovered, that has many different specifics from the one’s that have been discovered so far. The specifics of this statue, is that this one is at the sitting position and made of two materials, bone and clay. The Neolithic master made into the clay this work of art over a hip bone, coming from an unknown bird species. The clay was placed over the bone, in order to put an accent only to the most important female attributes and characteristics. The statue is a perception of a seated female in an extended vertical position. Sadly the head of the statue is missing. The neck is long and goes into the torso on which are placed small breasts. The accent is placed on the arms. The torso is very slim and flat, and continues into a nicely formed rear, with short legs that are only suggested. The only part of the statue that has been accentuated is the behind. Well built on and holds the whole construction of the statue, with pointed steatopigia from where the legs are shown.

It is important to mention that the final days of this project are dedicated to the protection of the system of pans discovered during the year 2007, and the researches are finished at this year’s campaign. Thanks to the team of conservationists of the Macedonia museum, under the lead of Branko Velichkovski, work on the placement and removal of objects underneath the ground, in order to be able, later on revealing a rare and attractive object to be reconstructed and revitalized at the permanent place in the Museum of Macedonia, or in the Neolithic house in Tumba Madzari.

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