Archaelogical exavations Tumba Madzari 2008

In the working program for the Museum of Macedonia – 2008 it is planned to continue the systematic archaeological research into the Neolithic settlement “Tumba Madzari” located in Skopje. The extension of the project for this year has commenced from 2008.
The research continues to complete the square G1,2,3 and continues into neighboring squares H1,2,3 from 2007. The research will also expand into the squares F1,2,3 and I1,2,3. The objective of the research is to further existing research on domestic fencing materials and objects which for now appear to be domestic vessels for baking bread, discovered in the squares G2 and to analyse this archaeological situations to establish and confirm the floor space of this object to which they belong. It is also necessary to establish the cultural and chronological origins of this object by ceramics, flint, osteological artifacts, seeds or other objects interesting and attractive for the scientific and cultural purposes.
At the same time in co-operation with the Municipality of Gazi Baba, works will be carried out to clear the site of all kinds of garbage and grass in order to improve the overall appearance.
According to the 2008 plan a reconstruction of the fence surrounding the site.

As part of the “Neolithic Village” Project, house 1 will be reconstructed with elements discovered during archaeological explorations in 1981, with the objective of making a presentation to the public particularly to children and younger age groups. With the reconstruction plans we expect an increase in the development of the cultural and touristic interests in the Gazi Baba Municipality.
Placing of informational signage around the area is planned for ease the access to the site.

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