Discovered rare amulet

During this year archaeological excavation at the site Tumba Madzari, in the newly opened quadrant F2, a rare amulet was discovered. The amulet is 7,5 cm. in length. It is made of bone, with a hole on the top for hanging. Most probably it was made from a horn of a young deer. Additional laboratory test will determine the species that was made from. By itself it is a work of art by an unknown Neolithic craftsman. Only by individual perception a number of animal forms can be reconstructed.

The same was discovered in the space that we are referring to as a craftsman area. System of connected objects with square and circular forms, ovens and fireplaces, discovered last year as well as this one are a part of some craftsman complex of the settlement that chronologically points to the second cultural horizon (5800-5200 BC).

For now we can tell for certain what kind of activities took place in this space.

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