Open Air Museum


The need for revitalization of the Tumba Madžari site and, especially, the development of the sense of care and valorisation in the wider public for the oldest cultural achievements of our ancestors, created the idea for the “Neolithic village” construction as Open-air museum.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and the Municipality of Gazi Baba, and in the organization of the Museum of Macedonia – Skopje, the realization of the project “Neolithic village” started back in 2008. The authors of the project are Elena Stojanova-Kanzurova, MA and Dragiša Zdravkovski, PhD. Several relevant sources have been used in the construction of the “Neolithic village”: archaeological remains, clay sacrificial altars – representations of Neolithic houses from the Anzabegovo-Vršnik and the Velušina-Porodin cultural groups, the modern examples of houses in the villages that has a several thousand years old building tradition, as well as the experiences from other similar realized projects.

Several houses have been built in the spirit of Neolithic architecture during the past years. Through the copies of diverse movable and immovable household equipment, as well as scenes from everyday life, it was an attempt was made to reconstruct a part of the life of the Neolithic man who lived on the territory of Macedonia and beyond, 8000 years ago.

The “Neolithic village” is the winner of awards and recognitions from: MNC ICOM on the occasion of 18 May – The International Day of Museums, as the best museum project for 2010; Municipality of Gazi Baba in 2011, in the category of projects for affirmation of regional cultural development; The Municipality of Gazi Baba in 2017, on the occasion of the manifestation “The Great Mother”, for significant achievements in the field of culture.

The care and maintenance of the “Neolithic village” from 2014 to the present day continues within the annual work programs of the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, the legal successor of the Archaeological Museum, as a former department of the Museum of Macedonia.

The museum project for presentation and popularization of the oldest cultural heritage in Macedonia and beyond has not yet been completed. Unresolved administrative and technical problems in past years in the “Neolithic village” haven’t been an obstacle for realization of many extra educational, tourist and various cultural activities for visitors, especially for pre-school and school population.


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