Public appreciation to municipality of Gazi Baba

After the continued research of the Neolithic area Tumba Madzari have been completed (during the first half of July), the second phase of the project Archaeological researches and reconstruction of the Neolithic house in Tumba Madzari began.

During the last couple of days, with the help of the mechanization organized by the community of Gazi Baba, 1000 cubic meters ground and construction waste were dislocated, accumulated in the last 16 years, at the Neolithic area Tumba Madzari. Thanks to this activity the similar look of this uncommon location of Tumba Madzari was returned to the place. Dating from the young Stone Age, it is a cultural monument of the Republic of Macedonia from the beginning of the 80’s of the last century. For the future activities, there are plans to make a protection border from the edge of the community of Gazi Baba. It is important also to mention, that this has been the first time that the location has been protected within a border, apart from the protection that was been made in the year 1992 from the Macedonia museum. Unfortunately, the people that lack appreciation of cultural heritage and identity, took away the border that was protecting the location, and ever since the place has existed as a rubbish dump in the local community.

We would like to use this opportunity to show a public appreciation for the activities being done so far with the help of the mayor Goce Trajanovski and his co-workers, for the understanding and the support given to the cultural heritage of their community, which is also a significant treasure of the Republic of Macedonia..

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