Reconstruction of the Neolithic village Tumba Madzari (second phase)

In the second half of June 2009, the reconstruction of second phase of the archaeological project “Reconstruction of the Neolithic village Tumba Madzari” has begun. The project is financed by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia. According the architectural plan and conservation approval by the CHPO, this year a building of two houses similar like the previous two build in 2008 is planned. Under construction is the inventory and the human dolls which are a part of the houses. According the plan is a construction of a mini-farm with some prehistoric domestic animals and a swamp so that a similar natural surrounding and everyday life of our Neolithic ancestors will be produced.
According the planed dynamics of the finances, the project will be completed in September when a small presentation is planned.

In this period the Neolithic village is open every day:
Monday-Thursday 06:00 – 13:00 hours
Friday-Sunday 06:00-19:30 hours

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