The exhibition “Neolithic art of Republic of Macedonia” in Slovenia

The exhibition “Neolithic art of Republic of Macedonia” was open on 28.05.2008. in the beautiful gallery space in the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana, presents only a few of the exponents from the early, middle and late Neolithic period, property of the museums in Bitola, Prilep, Stip, Sv. Nikole and Skopje.
82 exponents are presented, from which 57 are from the Museum of Macedonia, and the bigger part are from the Neolithic Settlement at Tumba Madzari excavated in the period between 1981 and 2007.
The exhibition itself is only a stage in the continuous cooperation between the Macedonian and the Slovenian archaeologists that started with the excavation in 1946/7 in Macedonia by Josip and Paola Korosec that was continued in the recent time by Mitija Gustin PhD.
The presented archeological exponents are with utilitarian and ritualistic purpose, characteristic of the Neolithic culture in Republic of Macedonia, present in the Velusa-Porodin and Anzabegovo-Vrsnik cultural group. There are different forms of ceramics pots, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, cult altars and seals.
Macedonian authors of the catalog text and the choice of the catalog units are Dragisa Zdravkovski, PhD. and Elena Stojanova Kanzurova from the Museum of Macedonia. Slovenian authors of the text of the catalog are Peter Turk PhD. and Andrej Semrov from the Museum of Slovenia. The exhibition is fully financed by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia. Special curiosity of the exhibition opening was the magnificent sound from the ocarina (Neolithic flute – 6000 BC.) preformed by the maestro Dragan Dautovski who tried to reconstruct the spirit of the Neolithic civilization to the large number of visitors.

All who are interested in the exhibition can visit it by the end of September.

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