The reconstruction of Neolithic village has started

During the last week of August, in the location of Tumba Madzari, the realization of the project Reconstruction of the Neolithic village has continued. This year, according to the intended dynamic of the realization and the funding given will be: the building of two houses and supporting buildings devoted to the visitors. The building of the object is planned to incorporate original construction materials (clay, wood, reeds, straw) in the spirit and style of the architecture of the young stone edge – Neolithic. In one of the houses, house number 1, copies will be placed of pieces discovered in the original inventory (luxury and house ceramics, oven and figures dressed in Neolithic clothes).

In the meantime community of Gazi Baba will put a border around the location in order to protect the place, and it as also planned a construction of a street and parking space near to the location of the complex Children’s village.

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